Disney Luxe: Crossbodies and Clutches

Many Disney fans know about Vera Bradley and Dooney and Bourke for their Disney themed handbag cravings. Yet, there is a another company producing Disney clutches and cross bodies with a big price tag.

Luxury Disney Handbags

Olympia Le-Tan pieces have been featured in Vogue, Elle, Glamour, In Style and more. Her designs are whimsical but high fashion. Think pink bomber jacket with “Whuthering Heights” embroidered on the back. For her newest creations, the Disney inspired bags are reminiscent of 1960s art.

luxury disney handbags

Whether it’s a Peter Ban Book Clutch or a Alice in Wonderland Circle Crossbody bag, each bag is hand embroidered with print lining creating vintage flair. She has limited edition designs for Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Snow White. Each retail for around $1000, but at the next cocktail party or your next Disney vacation, everyone will be asking you where you got that bag.

If you are a big Disney fan or love any of these characters, having a piece in your collection may be a fabulous addition. Though it may be something you just want to look at on your shelf vs. actually wearing it since they are so beautiful. Which is your favorite?

You can see all the designs at Olympialetan.com/#eshop.

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