Hi, My Name is Charlene!

I love helping people find new places and spaces for their high-end items! As a former lawyer, current real estate broker, and lifelong design enthusiast, I love luxury goods, have a passion for organization passion, and have experience in buying and selling real estate and home goods.

I enjoy helping you find a new life for pieces, a new home for items, or a new place to sell unused goods.

I offer three services and am always happy to find other ways to help! Please take a look below and email me with any questions!

The 1-2-3

These are the three ways I can help you.



The minimum value of the item must be over $1500. For items under $1500, an $65 hourly fee is charged.


Give me the items you no longer want, and I will sell them for you! Please note that I only work with brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Cartier, Van Cleef, Coach, Tory Burch, and others. I ready the item for sale, take pictures and descriptions, upload the details online, answer inquiries and offers, and coordinate the deal and shipping. Depending on the item, it may be a commission or an hourly rate.




Rather than me selling your items, I can work with you to place your items for sale with brokerage firms such as The Real Real, Rue La La, and other consignment options, whether brick and mortar or online only. I charge a simple hourly rate to coordinate the sale and shipping of the items. You'll keep 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale after commissions from the seller's site.




Want to do it yourself but just need someone to walk you through the process? I can meet you virtually or in person and give you suggestions on what to keep and what to sell, as well as recommendations on where and how! This is a great option if you don't mind doing a little work on your own and keeping more of the proceeds of the sale!

Email Me To Discuss Next Steps!