Givenchy vs. Louis Vuitton vs. Chanel Bag

I always love perusing forums and seeing what are the latest must-have luxury handbags. With fall and winter arriving, there is also a lot of chatter about colors to wear through the season. Some favorites are the periennal black, but contenders for this season that would look great against a black coat are purple handbags, like this Speedy from designer Louis Vuitton. Gray is a huge hit this season too, and the deep silvery gray Antigona from Givenchy is gorgeous.

givenchy vs. louis vuitton vs. chanel bag

However, sometimes it is not about the color but about the designer. Do you like the structured look of Givenchy, the classic couture of Chanel or the iconic design of Louis Vuitton. One of the reasons I picked these three bags is that each is also Mom friendly. The leathers wear well and each has the option for a cross strap! Each are around the same size and have a similar feel. Each are priced around $2200 too so it is a fair faceoff this week!

So if you have the cash to spend, which would be the one you would go home with and why? Would you go with the classic Louis Vuitton or do you covet Chanel regardless of the color? Is color your leading factor or does it come down to the designer itself? Do tell!

It’s this week’s handbag faceoff: Givenchy vs. Louis Vuitton vs. Chanel bag!


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